Critical Role Vox Machina Origins Graphic Novel - Standard Edition

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$ 44.99 


With over 160 pages of magical storytelling and bonus content, Vox Machina Origins brings together Critical Role: Vox Machina Origins #1–#6 in a single volume, following six would-be heroes as they uncover a plot to destroy the small coastal town of Stilben. The comic series is written by Matthew Colville (Evolve, Priest, Thief) with interior art by Olivia Samson, a member of the Critical Role fan community, and coloring and lettering by Chris Northrop.

  • Critical Role: Vox Machina Origins #1–#6
  • Annotated cover process pieces, preliminary character sketches, and character descriptions and stats
  • Cover art by Stjepan Šejić with spot gloss treatment.
  • Published by Dark Horse Books, a division of Dark Horse Comics, Inc.

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